I am completely obsessed with Heroes right now. It has slowed down my gaming progress a lot. I have great aspirations to actually finish Dragon Age but that game just doesn't seem to suck me in like it should.  It feels like I'm forcing myself to do it, which is kinda missing the point.  I also just got flower on PSN, which is amazing.  Borderlands just came in the mail yesterday too and I like what I've seen so far.  So if I can get motivated I'll have a DA review soon and Borderlands after that.
Prince of Persia 12/17/2009
I will give the film adaptation of Prince of Persia the benefit of the doubt.  It actually does look pretty decent, though it deviates from the storyline unnecessarily.  The main problem I have with this whole franchise is that the games really started to go down hill until the recent release that was a brand new prince and storyline.  It was a fantastic game in my opinion and now they're gonna go back and make a game based on the movie.  So let me get this straight Ubisoft--let's just forget about the new series you started that had great potential and left unfinished story threads and go back to the old prince.  Which is basically a game, based on a movie, that is based on a game??  Yeah, wtf?  Hopefully the next POP in line with the last release will surface one day and we can forget about this movie tie in that I'm sure will be garbage.