Top Ten Games of 2009

By Josh Vance

Most of the games on my list go to Sony this year.  I’m not a fanboy in anyway; Microsoft just had a very lackluster year,especially with exclusives.  Hopefully 2010 will fare better for my original next gen console.  Also note that I do not get to play EVERYTHING since I’m not an official reviewer, this is my list based upon what I’ve played and what looked outstanding to me.  So if your favorite game isn’t on the list it may simply mean that I didn’t get to play it.  Here are my picks, I hope you enjoy them.


10.  Fat Princess: I have not played the full version of this Playstation downloadable game but the small portion I have is brilliant.  Essentially its a capture the flag game with the exception of the flag being replaced by a captured princess that you feed cake so that she becomes heavy and harder for the opposing team to carry off. Successfully retrieving your own princess and placing her on your home throne is the objective.  There are several classes to pick from as you battle with the computer, your friends or against others online for glory and the safety of your beloved princess.


9.  Dragon Age: Origins: This game has a wealth of content to plow through and it is filled with all the dialogue and rpg goodness you would expect from a Bioware game.  I have plenty of issues with this game, but despite the lackluster graphics, ridiculous world barriers, and sometimes clunky combat it is a worthy enough experience to land a spot atop my game of the year list.  In conclusion, enjoyable but as an rpg fan I was hoping for so much more.  


8.  Infamous: I was so hyped about this game.  It didn’t quite live up to those expectations, but it was still a fun, solid game.  The awesome electrical powers and fluid citywide platforming of this game is what truly stands out about it.  The story was pretty good as well, though I only went through it on the good side.  Aside from the actual story based missions, the side quests get rather redundant, rather fast.  If there is a sequel I expect it to fix the issues and be superb.


7.  Batman Arkum Asylum:  Again I have not played this game but I know from what I have seen and read on it that it definitely deserves to make this list.  With solid gameplay, voice acting and storytelling, this is one for any batman fan to call their own.


6.  Flower:  Yet another downloadable game from the Playstation network, but one of sheer genius and inventiveness.  Essentially you float around as a flower petal collecting and blooming flowers throughout a gorgeous world as you attempt to bring it back to life.  All movement is controlled by the sixaxis controller and you will instantly agree that you’ve never played anything like it as you are sucked into the experience.  Flower has done what Katamari did several years ago and brought an entirely new concept to gaming.  I give tons of props to the developers for trying something new and making it work beautifully.  The only downfall to this game is that I want more of it. 


5.  Ratchet and Clank Future: A Crack in Time:  This series has been around for several years and it is still managing to find ways of staying fresh and amazingly fun.  This is yet another solid installment in the series that should not be missed by its fans or anyone who loves the joy of a platformer.  For more info you can read my full review. 


4.  Halo 3 ODST:  If it were left up to the single player alone this game would not have made the list.  However, with the addition of the addicting firefight mode and complete copy of the Halo 3 multiplayer included it was a worthy contender.  The main appeal of this game for me is firefight.  It is so much fun to gather your friends and try to survive wave after wave of covenant scum.  There is more in my full review.


3.  Modern Warfare 2:  I must admit this game was a lot of fun, though it was incredibly short.  For most, the love of MW2 is in its multiplayer which I too found oddly addicting, but for the most part I was let down by this game.  It was a fun experience that I wouldn’t have missed but I do not feel it was worthy of the inane hype it has received.  2009 was a fairly quiet year in gaming otherwise this media beefed shooter wouldn’t have gotten my bronze award.  If you love feeling like an online robot this is the shooter for you.


2.  Killzone 2: This game was full of gorgeous graphics, insane action and great gameplay.  The cover system was outstanding and I would love to see more shooters take a lesson from it.  The game had a few bugs but nothing that truly hindered the experience.  The online component was fun and addicting as well though most people overlooked it.  For all the specs read Chucky’s fully review.


Game of the Year—Uncharted 2:  It isn’t very often that a game of this magnitude comes along.  UC2 is as close to a perfect game that I have ever played.  The controls, gameplay, story, voice acting, graphics, everything is off the charts.  If you’re looking for a truly cinematic gaming experience, you’ve found a home with Uncharted 2.  The multiplayer is outstanding also and has taking me in and stolen my life.  In short, don’t miss this one—it will not disappoint in any way.  There’s tons more about this game in my full review.