Eleven Most Wanted Sequels
By Chucky Mitchell

I think us gamers are getting sick of the same sequels every year.  A new Call of Duty and 4 new Guitar Hero's is a given for every year of gaming.  Even a lot of mediocre games like Kane and Lynch, and Army of Two Get sequels.  So why do some of the greatest games ever made not get sequels?  Here's my personal list of sequels that I really want to come out.

11:  Doom 4 - I know Rage is gonna be awesome, but after the amazing game that was Doom 3, there's no excuse not to have another Doom out by now.  The multiplayer for Doom 3 was definitely ambitious and pretty fun and if they overhauled it for today's standards, it would be a hell of a great time.

10:  A Real Red Faction Sequel - While I really enjoyed Red Faction: Guerrilla, I think a return to the FPS shooter roots would be awesome.  I loved both Red Factions and with the awesome new Geo Mod tech used in Guerilla, it would be really intense.

9:  Jade Empire 2 - This game was one of the best RPG's on the original Xbox and was overlooked by a lot of gamers.  The gameplay was that Bioware type of awesome that you've come to expect.  The world and lore were intriguing and the conversation system was part of the building blocks that led to the conversation systems used in Mass Effect and Dragon Age.  I think one day a sequel to this needs to show up.

8:  Sudeki 2 - This game was awesome.  Simple as that.  It was an RPG that mixed so many elements from different genres and pulled it off almost flawlessly.  Sadly it was extremely overlooked by the general population of gamers, who at the time had their heads shoved far up into Master Chiefs Mjolnir wearing ass.  Also it was released too close to the Fable 1 time-frame.  Kind of like the recent Demon Souls and Dragon Age incident. This game deserved a sequel and sadly never got one, and probably never will.

7:  Warcraft 4 - Don't get me wrong, I respect and appreciate all the time and effort Blizzard has put into its mega money making machine World of Warcraft.  But i'm a huge fan of the original RTS Warcraft series and would greatly appreciate another one.  I know they're working on Starcraft 2 which is awesome, but I have more of an attachment to Warcraft.  My one request is to please get rid of the cartoony art style.  You're already flooding the new Diablo with it, please make Warcraft 4 look mature like it should.

6:  A Crash Bandicoot game developed by Naughty Dog - I don't want this to take precedence over Uncharted.  I definitely want Uncharted 3 first.  But sometime I think it would be amazing to see a new Crash Bandicoot game from Naughty Dog.  I'm pretty sure EA owns the rights now so it will probably never happen.  But I can wish.

5:  Psi-Ops 2 - I know we kinda got a sequel to this with The Force Unleashed, but I think a real sequel would be great.  Take the already awesome telekinesis abilities and build upon them, make all the other combat nice and fluid, add in some current-gen shine, and I think that would be a recipe for a great time.

4:  Star Wars Battlefront 3 - Enough of the PSP sequels now.  Build a real sequel.  I want more fluid gun-play for the next one, where I truly feel like I blasted a laser hole into my enemies brain.  I want quality graphics, more players, ground to space combat, and no more playable Jedi.  I enjoyed the playable Jedi but I think overall it took away from the core concept of Battlefront.  You are a trooper with a weapon ready for war.  Let the Jedi and Sith appearances be rewards similar to the helicopter attacks on Call of Duty.

3:  The Elder Scrolls V - Now I don't doubt that this game is on its way.  One day I know it's coming.  I just hope its not an MMO.  The last one came out in 2006, we've already seen another full game from Bethesda, Fallout 3, the next Elder Scrolls should at least be announced.  In a way I hope they release it on the next set of consoles, so it will be the same awesome jump in graphical quality as we saw from 3 to 4.  But if this generation lasts clear till 2015, then thats too long.  Bring this game to me, and make it awesome.  

2:  Star Wars Knights of The Old Republic 3 - Trust me, i'm excited about Bioware's upcoming MMO The Old Republic.  I'll be getting that on launch day.  But what we really need is KoTOR 3.  The first two games, especially the first one, were awesome.  Kotor 1 was near flawless.  Kotor 3 would be a no questions asked game of the year.  Mass Effect is only a pale shadow of the greatness that could be Knights of The Old Republic 3.

1:  Shemue 3 - I hate you Sega.  I really really hate you.  Give us two awesome revolutionary games, with amazing stories.  Seriously one of the best stories ever told in video game history.  End said stories with a cliffhanger, and then never tell us the ending.  Even though Shenmue 2 was a Dreamcast and original Xbox game, it still looks great to this day.  What Yu Suzuki did was utterly amazing.  If he can make that huge believable world on a Dreamcast, imagine what he could do on a PS3.  I need to know Ryo's ending.  I need to kill Lan Di.  I think i'm going to boycott any Sega title until Shenmue 3 is released.
Honorable Mentions, very very honorable - 
Twisted Metal Sequel - David Jaffe, you better be making this or something equally awesome.
Kingdom Hearts 3 - I know handheld sequels are coming out, but it's really awkward we don't have a console sequel yet.
Zone of The Enders - A great game created by amazing developer Hideo Kojima.  Sadly overlooked but very awesome.