I just wanted to say that i beat Modern Warfare 2 on veteran even though i hate that game.  Also it made me realize more flaws.  Such as i literally saw bullets coming from enemies stomachs, not their guns!  They would come out of cover shooting me in a spot where theres no way they had previous knowledge of my position.  Also, why was the tank in one level singling me out?  "Ramirez/Roach(whatever one), the tanks got his sights on you! Get to cover!"  why me!?!? theres like 20 other dudes running around and im just a low ranked soldier!  Why do i have to do everything??  In the next game make me a high ranking soldier if i'm to carry out all the tasks and lead people!  I was leading my higher ranked comrades!  WTF?  I hate Modern Warfare 2.  And you should hate it too.  
Hello.  Just an update telling you about my Magic vs. Melee discussion.  Also if your a LittleBigPlanet fan, get the Pirates of The Caribbean add-on, its well worth the money.

Magic vs. Melee
I just have to say something.  I recently renewed my WoW subscription till March.  Just for the heck of it i told my girlfriend to make a character.  Previously she has only played games like Guitar Hero and LittleBigPlanet, and not that often.  I have yet to play since i renewed it.  Shes been playing it non stop for 4 days.  I havent even gotten to talk to her much.  That is World of Warcraft and further proves that it is dangerously addictive.  On another note I am trying hard for the platinum trophy on LittleBigPlanet and Uncharted 2.  It's a lot of work.




I must admit, i was very impressed with the Medal of Honor trailer.  The fact that DICE, who made the entire Battlefield: Bad Company game, is being used just for the multiplayer portion of this game is exciting.  Looks awesome so far, cant wait for more information.
Just wanted to apologize for the time its taking to write my Modern Warfare 2 review.  The level design is just so boring to me that nothing compels me to go forward, especially now that the hype has died slightly.  What happened to you Call of Duty.  Call of Duty 2 was so amazing.  Call of Duty 4 was great.  Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2.....ehhhhh.  I'm honestly more compelled to play the MAG beta.  This does not mean the game will score terribly low, it just means i dont feel like playing it right now! 
As some of you may already know, EA has just announced a new Medal of Honor game.  First of all, why are they saying its making its debut in the current generation?  I suppose everybody forgot about Airborne, which was a pretty solid shooter in my opinion.  Along with the announcement is the news that its jumping in on the whole Modern Warfare type deal.  This might be cool, but I personally think they should have done something else to stand out. 

Maybe a Future Warfare perhaps.  Of course it might end up too much like Killzone 2 or something.  But I feel as if the Modern Warfare market is becoming just as clogged as the WWII game market.  Instead of waiting for people to completely tire of the idea, why not separate yourself right now and do something different.  We already have MW2 and Battlefield Bad Company to choose from.  People were recently freaking out about a star wars COD4 mod, I’m sure there would be great appreciation for another realistic futuristic shooter other than KZ2.  But no, we get a third series to choose from now.  It feels like Rock Revolution coming into a genre ruled by Rock Band and Guitar Hero.

Being a Medal of Honor fan, I really hope this game succeeds.  I want it to do great.  But as of right now, I don’t see it posing much of a threat to the MW2 juggernaut, let alone Bad Company 2.  Good luck EA.