Top Ten Games of 2009
By Chucky Mitchell

What a great year for gaming.  Hard to keep up with all the games for a gamer on a budget.  For the first time this generation Sony hands down stole the show.  Hopefully Microsoft can step up again in 2010.  As for Nintendo, I am very let down.

10.  Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 – As much as this game let me down overall, it wouldn’t be right not to include it on this list.  The campaign was good and the multiplayer addicting.  There’s a lot of time you could waste on this game. 

9.  Red Faction: Guerilla – The destruction in this game is revolutionary.  Everyone should at least rent this game.  It takes place on Mars and is an open world environment.  Pretty much you are a rebel group taking down an evil military by destroying all of their property and killing them.  It’s a lot of fun.

8.  Fat Princess – This cute but gory game is a unique and fresh take on the capture the flag formula.  It’s a lot of fun and addicting.  A great value for the price, Fat Princess should at least be given a shot by everyone.

7.  Dragon Age: Origins – Though I have yet to play this game, what I have seen of it looks like a lot of fun.  Hours upon hours of content to get lost in and great story and dialogue options make this probably the deepest RPG of the year.

6.  Batman: Arkham Asylum – This is the best Batman game to date.  Taking familiar gameplay elements from the past and making them fluid, nothing really feels awkward about this game.  The atmosphere itself will pull you in till the very end.  It also has great voice acting and well put together story.

5.  Infamous – Infamous is a sandbox game more in the style of Crackdown than GTA.  You can leap around and climb on everything.  The platforming feels awesome.  The lightning powers are really cool and always let you feel like a badass.  The only downsides to this otherwise great game are the repetitive side missions.  You’d think they would’ve learned a lesson from Assassin’s Creed.

4.  New Super Mario Bros. Wii – This is the first console side scrolling Mario titles since the SNES and the only real reason to own a Wii this year.  Extremely creative levels and the always spot on platforming of Mario make this a game great from the start.  Add in the ability to play with three other people and you have another truly outstanding Mario title for the Wii.

3.  Killzone 2 – Amazing graphics and solid gunplay aren’t the only things that make this a great game.  The enemies are extremely fun to kill, the level design is unique among a sea of bland FPS’s, and the first person cover system works great.  Coupled with a really fun multiplayer, Killzone 2 was the first great game this year.

2.  Demon’s Souls – This RPG came out of nowhere and amazed me.  The graphics are great, the atmosphere is creepy yet you want to be there at the same time.  The enemy design is amazing and the boss battles rival some of the best.  The only downfall for some people is the unrelenting difficulty.  This game is as hard as they come.  The multiplayer aspect is very unique and adds a lot to the experience. People will die over and over on World of Warcraft, but its unacceptable here for some reason.  Go play this game and quit whining around.

Game of The Year: Uncharted 2 – This game is the very definition of great gaming.  It has the best graphics seen to date (yes better than Crysis, just accept it), great cover system, great story, and extremely addicting and fun multiplayer.  It never gets old.  I truly applaud Naughty Dog for this amazing accomplishment in gaming.