I just wanted to say that i beat Modern Warfare 2 on veteran even though i hate that game.  Also it made me realize more flaws.  Such as i literally saw bullets coming from enemies stomachs, not their guns!  They would come out of cover shooting me in a spot where theres no way they had previous knowledge of my position.  Also, why was the tank in one level singling me out?  "Ramirez/Roach(whatever one), the tanks got his sights on you! Get to cover!"  why me!?!? theres like 20 other dudes running around and im just a low ranked soldier!  Why do i have to do everything??  In the next game make me a high ranking soldier if i'm to carry out all the tasks and lead people!  I was leading my higher ranked comrades!  WTF?  I hate Modern Warfare 2.  And you should hate it too.  


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